Roofing Guidelines

 We   know that having construction done   at your home can be an inconvenience   and we are going to do everything we   can to be finished as soon as   possible. The following list was   compiled to help ease some of the   stress please read the items   carefully and do a thorough walk   through of your home and yard before   we begin your project. 



  1. Remove hanging objects or   pictures from walls, and any   breakable objects from shelves.
    (They may fall due to   vibrations caused by hammering.)
  2. Keep small children and pets   inside or away from the work   area at all times.
  3. Cover pools, hot tubs, ponds, or   other water features which could   be affected by falling debris.
  4. Move all outdoor potted plants   indoors.
  5. Park vehicles away from the   house, out of the driveway.
  6. Disarm burglar alarm; vibrations   may activate it.
  7. Move outdoor lawn furniture away   from the work area.
  8. Do not run sprinkler the night   before or during construction.
  9. Cover objects in attic and   garage if it has no ceiling.
  10. Provide access to your driveway.
    (This is necessary for   suppliers to load shingles onto   your roof and also for roofing   crew to load tear off into dump   trucks and haul away.)



  1. The roofing crew will need to be   provided with a source of   electricity and water.
  2. There will be nails and debris   around your house and in your   driveway. Please walk carefully   and do not drive on your   driveway during construction.
  3. When entering or leaving your   home, exercise caution. Debris   and other objects may fall from   your roof.



  1. Check to make sure that all   gates are closed before letting   pets outside.
  2. Watch for overlooked nails.
  3. Leave permits up until the City   or County does the final   inspection, if applicable.
  4. Check furnace and hot water   vents to insure that they are   connected at the unit.
    (They may come loose when   the new vents are installed.)



  1. Insurance checks accepted with   Homeowner’s Endorsement and   signed affidavit.
  2. Check, Cashier's Check or Money   Order made payable to Little   Wing   Roofing.


Even under the best of   circumstances, mishaps can occur.   Please notify our office or your   sales representative immediately if   you experience any problems during   construction.