Quality   Craftsmanship

  Little Wing General Contractors offers a knowledgeable and   experienced staff, quality workmanship, and exceptional   customer service. We strive to exceed your expectations   and look forward to working with you to provide the   finest quality service available.

  We install all types of roofing materials from asphalt   and heavy tri-laminate materials to wood shake and tile.   Our labor warranty on the roofs that we install are good   for up to two years, check your contract for   documentation. It is this assurance of quality and our   constant striving for excellence that has earned us high   customer satisfaction and led to our rapid business   growth.


  While a knowledgeable staff, swift response, overall job   quality and timely completion are all critical elements   of our business, what remains our priority is   safety. It is something we take very seriously.   It is the duty of all employees to know and conduct work   in compliance with all safety rules, and use safeguards   provided for their protection. Upon hiring, and as part   of company orientation, employees receive a copy of the   Little Wing General Contractors Safety Program; company rules; and   OSHA regulations. We designate a minimum of four hours   each month to mandatory safety meetings for all   employees.