About Little Wing General Contractors

Serving Denver, Colorado

 Little Wing General Contractors is an innovative   company, offering unparalleled customer service,   superior work performance, and outstanding product   installation.  Formed in 2003, our company was built on   family values and exceptional quality workmanship. Those   foundations remain solidly in place today.  Our family   owned and operated company continues to serve the   greater Denver/Metro and Front Range communities. 

Little Wing General Contractors Staff and Crew Teams


  Our sales team receives comprehensive training in all   facets of the roofing process.  Our Representatives will   outline all work estimates with the client, and has the   authority to negotiate prices and sign contracts so   there is no middle man to cause confusion.  This   personalized attention translates into an informed   clientele during the entire process.  Our   representatives are equipped with the appropriate media   (i.e. cellular phones, digital cameras, etc.) and work   gear.  We are well-staffed and can usually respond to an   estimate inquiry within 24 hours. Roof work, depending   on material availability, can be completed in as little   as one week.

  Crew leaders at Little Wing General Contractors are proficient in   English and have extensive experience in roofing and   construction.  Equipped with the proper media and tools,   our crews are able to complete the work, from start to   finish, in a timely and professional manner.